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Student Testimonial-Sujin Jo

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Read below to find out why EC student Sujin Jo loves San Diego!

Sujin Jo1


I chose to study at EC San Diego because it is a smaller city and I wanted live in a more peaceful and natural city. I also chose to study here because the weather is amazing.  I am an international law student in Korea and am in my final year of University, so it is very important that I improve my English.  I have been studying here for over 5 months and I think that I have improved a lot. I started at the pre intermediate level and I am currently in the upper intermediate, and I know that I will continue to improve.  So far, my favorite EC activity was volunteering at the beach clean- up because I met a lot of new friends and also got to volunteer. We got to play a lot of games as well as clean the beach!  I also like studying in San Diego because it is easy to visit other cities, and I can go to Los Angeles to visit friends, travel to Las Vegas, and go to the beach! While I am here I would also like to learn how to surf.


My new friends are from Brazil, Switzerland and Japan. I still keep in touch with all of the people who have met. I will visit my friends in Brazil for Carnival in February!  My favorite teacher is Mike because I have learned a lot from him and whenever I need help he is all willing to help and is very friendly and I feel like he is my friend. I also like Sylvia because she reminds me of my mother and I have learned a lot of writing skills from her!


I would advise students coming to San Diego to try to make friends who are from another country, so that they can practice their English and learn about other cultures. I would recommend staying in a host family in San Diego your first month, so you can practice with native speakers and eat local food.  My best advice to anyone would be that you should travel as much as you can!


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