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EC Students Sing, Sung, Sang Karaoke

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EC San Diego English Class Students enjoy a night of Karaoke in the city.
EC Students enjoy a night of Karaoke in the city.

Teacher Autumn and 16 EC students enjoyed a night of singing at a local Asian-style Karaoke place last Friday night. There was a mix of various genres of music and student nationalities. The evening was lively, as were the tunes, and filled with song and laughter. Since some students were too shy to sing alone, many songs were sung in a group and some students chimed in for back-up vocals. Students sang along to current popular songs like Justin Bieber and Rihanna, but they also sang classic rock songs by The Beatles.

Some students turned out to be great singers, but as Teacher Autumn always says, “It’s all about the passion and emotion, not the best voice.” Karaoke is from Japan and means “Empty Orchestra”.

It’s also a great way to practice reading, speaking and pronunciation. Did you know we call a performance alone a “solo” and a performance with two people a “duet”? Next time, you should join the group whether you have a great voice or not!


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