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Giving Thanks at EC SD: Thanksgiving Potluck Party

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Last Thursday EC San Diego enjoyed a festive Thanksgiving Potluck Party with students, faculty and staff. Tables were adorned with cut-out turkeys, pumpkins and, of course, tons of delicious food! Students brought home-made desserts and popular dishes from their home countries. EC San Diego supplied traditional, American Thanksgiving treats, such as pumpkin and apple pie. It was a festive feast and a great opportunity for students and staff to get together for a grateful cause and show their appreciation for one another with good food and great company. Students and staff also had the opportunity to share with others what they’re most thankful for by adorning our EC Turkey with “Thankful Feathers” which can be seen in photo above. Prior to the potluck party, EC held a mannequin challenge post graduation ceremony, which can be seen on our Facebook page. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the mannequin challenge and to those who were involved in the Potluck party.

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