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Phrasal Verbs with 'Down'

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to back down: to move away from an original idea

Stand up for your rights and don’t back down!

to break down: when communication between two parties stops

Unfortunately, our on-going business agreement broke down after two years.

to play down: to make something seem less imporatant

He played down the fact that he had just won a million dollars.

to set down: to put into writing

The terms and conditions are yet to be set down in the company’s handbook.

to note down: to write something briefly

Why don’t I note down your cell number and we’ll go for coffee sometime?

to hand down: to inherit something from another individual

Peter was kind enough to hand down his father’s watch to Henry.

to kneel down: to crouch close to the floor

Quick, kneel down so Bill doesn’t see us!

to settle down: to become calm or establsih stable living

The Jacobson’s were so pleased to finally find a house and settle down.

to stand down: to resign or give up one’s working position

After a successful ten years at the top, the CEO finally decided to stand down.

to wind down: to start coming to an end

The match was winding down and the trophy was in their sight.

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