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Cultural events when you study ESL abroad at EC San Francisco

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Saint Patrick’s Day and the Parade

by Student Ambassador Yunhee Ahn

There is a holiday in the United States called ‘Saint Patrick’s Day’ ( originally  from Ireland, but also it has been celebrated in many countries.)  On Saint Patrick’s Day in the U.S, people celebrate for the Irish and Irish American culture. Since the U.S had many Irish immigrants, especially in San Francisco, it became a holiday in some cities in the U.S.
The parade for Saint Patrick’s Day starts one day before the holiday. I saw the Saint Patrick’s Day parade while studying ESL abroad at EC San Francisco

"Wearing the green" for St. Paddy's day.
“Wearing the green” for St. Paddy’s day.

with my language schoolmates at San Francisco’s  Civic Center. Saint Patrick’s Day is known as ‘the wearing of the green’, so my friends and I wore green items to celebrate it. Saint Patrick’s Day parade was so exciting! Everyone on the parade dressed up with green clothes, and sang and danced together. We also watched musical performances and drank Irish coffee. After enjoying the parade, we went to Irish pub and enjoyed eating food and drinking beer. That day was my first time to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in my life. It was a good chance to know the Irish American culture and to hang out with friends.

(This is a bit late, but so many EC students in San Francisco have contributions to the blog that it is hard to keep up.)

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