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Prince Charles – ECSF's teaching royalty

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He’s statuesque by nature (really, really tall), but don’t ask him if he plays basketball. Charles is effortlessly poetic. He’s well read, witty, and he can eat burrito in a minute. Charles is one of EC San Francisco’s great teachers. How do I know? Well, the other day I was looking for inspiration. I was walking around our school when I happened to pass by Charles’ class. As I was strolling by I couldn’t help but notice that his students were all attentive and engaged. Impulsively, I decided to enter the room. With my camera in hand and the wink of my left eye, Charles knew that I was up to something. He kindly offered me a seat and I sat down.
What an exciting moment! After two months of working with EC as the Accommodations Coordinator, I had never experienced classroom life. What an interesting and fun perspective I was thinking. The topic for the class was prince charming. The question was posed, “What does prince charming look like”? I had not envisioned how interesting this topic this would turn out to be. With so many different personalities and cultures in the class, the discussion set off quickly. The responses were as diverse as the class itself. In the end I saw students utilizing many grammatical structures that were covered in their CORE classes, and I didn’t see students who were afraid of making mistakes. Participation was at 100 percent. It was a great experience for me and I took a some great shots of Charles while he wasn’t looking 🙂

After sitting through one of his classes at ECSF, you might think he was royalty. He is very popular and well respected. Most importantly about his students, they love his class. His lessons are well crafted, and his delivery is fluid. I desperately wanted to join the conversation, but I held steady, and did what I came to do. Does anyone have a favorite class topic they would like to share? Who should I write about next?


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