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Peace out, Misa!

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It was another incredible week at EC San Francisco and we had to say goodbye to many wonderful, long time, and not so long time students. While there are too many to name in this blog, I will make a very special shout out to Misa, a great member of our school who has become an integral part of our school’s identity.

Misa has been at our school for almost a year now and has filled a variety of roles including those of a student, student ambassador, and a volunteer working our administrative desk at the front of the school. While she was a great student, she especially excelled as a student ambassador and helped to foster a sense of family and camaraderie among the students in ways that were truly special.

Unsurprisingly, Misa set a new standard for excellence when she became a volunteer and managed the front desk with another EC San Francisco all-star, Kanami. Misa and Kanami have been on the frontlines of our school and provided an immeasurable amount of support to students and staff alike.

Misa, it is with great sadness and optimism that all of us at EC San Francisco bid you farewell and much success in your next adventure. You will always have a home and family in your City by the Bay.

Peace out, Misa!

Your EC San Francisco family


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