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Good Food, Just Around Every San Francisco Corner

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San Francisco (obviously, home of EC San Francisco), is known for its excellent food, among many other things.  And, not surprisingly, Chinatown is a good place to look for good Chinese food.  And, being in California, you can bet there is at least one good Chinese vegetarian places to be found.  You are SO right.

Hidden a bit over a block above Grant Ave. (the spine of Chinatown), uphill on Washington St., is a little “hole in the wall” restaurant called “Lucky Creation.”  Some of the best veggie Chinese food I’ve ever had, at reasonable prices!  Try the appetizer sampler plate, or the veggies in a potato basket (“golden nest”).  The fried honeyed walnuts are fantastic.  Lucky Creation is clean (and the food smells great), but the ambiance is near zero.  Not “fine dining,” just brilliant food.  Try it, even if you aren’t vegetarian.  And it’s just about a 10 minute walk from ECSF, and equally close to the central shopping area around Union Square, so there’ s no good reason not to try it.

Outside world, seen from Chinatown
Outside world, seen from Chinatown


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