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Global Citizen's Trivia Day at the Sequoias

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Hi Students and readers,

Today the students of EC San Francisco’s Global Citizen elective class had another great visit to the Sequoias, one of the best retirement communities in San Francisco. Our current class is made up of a great mix of nationalities, including students from Japan, Taiwan, Colombia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. They got to speak to many wonderful people of diverse backgrounds, including former teachers, judges, nurses and more. One resident we visited with today has even visited over one hundred countries!

For this visit the theme was trivia, from San Francisco to pop culture. The students were surprised at how knowledgeable many of the residents were about pop culture and entertainment, but I suppose it should be expected in a place as diverse as San Francisco. I was especially surprised at how much new vocabulary the students learned, which was extra nice considering that they all belong to the higher English level classes.

Attending EC San Francisco offers the students many unique and memorable experiences, from tours of California to making connections with different cultures. Today was their opportunity to connect and learn from great people with immense amounts of wisdom and experience. We at EC San Francisco wish you all a safe and fun Independence Day weekend!

Teacher Tim





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