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The San Francisco Insider – Drew’s Tips: Friday nights at the De Young

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Ready for a break after your week of studying hard for your English courses? The San Francisco Insider is a regular contribution from EC San Francisco teacher Drew Rogers, who knows how to make the most of anybody’s stay in the San Francisco Bay Area!

We are lucky to have so many cultural freebies in this city, and  the first event I’ll bring up is a grand tradition called Friday nights at the De Young (museum).

Depending on the month or even week, musical acts change depending on the cultural event. For instance, generally, near Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican band will perform; or if it’s a Spanish theme, well, guess who shows up on stage?


It goes from 5:30–8:30pm  every Friday, all ages welcome; cash bar, cafe/restaurant, free live music, arts and crafts–and see the museum  for free as well!

So how else do you explore your journey in this robust town?

Well, the first thing to do is check out my favorite budget-friendly center where you only need fast fingers to win prizes (I have) while perusing the various events both in SF as well as in the Bay area.

Yes, was started by a  student  who moved here with little money to waste, and his friend got tired of lending him money; so he did what every smart  student might do: he went to every event that was free– or almost free– and now he’s parlayed that into his own website that lists daily activities for the week with live links/info (and he’s now a VIP everywhere making good $$)!

On this site you’ll find everything from a world famous DJ playing late nights for only $5 (last weekend, Mark Farina) to only paying $8 for ice skate rentals with  2 hour skate at Yerba Buena ice rink behind the Metreon. Btw, that special is every Wednesday night starting at  7 pm, so lace your skates up and go and have some fun this week!


See you next week, and don’t forget, Outsidelands, the premier three day concert in Golden Gate park is coming this weekend, featuring big names like  Tom Petty, Macklemore,  Kanye West, and MANY more.

Tickets sold out? Sure, but there are always tickets to be found 1)  2) or   3) go to the concert and ask some honest looking people whose buddies didn’t show up–just make sure you buy the ticket NEAR the entrance so the ticket is legit!

For my next blog, we will explore the greener side of SF: biking and hiking for cheap but big thrills.    See you outside!


Drew Rogers

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