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EC SF Students Bike Across the Golden Gate Bridge

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EC San Francisco Students take a break from their English course in San Francisco to bike the Golden Gate Bridge

As every student studying at EC SF knows, learning English is much more than just taking an English course in San Francisco! To become truly comfortable speaking and communicating in English, it requires getting out into the real world, talking with other people, and interacting in environments where English is spoken. For this reason, participating in student activities at EC San Francisco is a great way to keep working on English outside of the classroom! Every week the school coordinates a series of activities led by student ambassadors or teachers to get everyone involved in the learning experience outside of the classroom.

EC San Francisco Bike Trip Student Activity

EC San Francisco Bike Trip 8-w800-h600

This last weekend EC SF teacher Drew took twelve students for a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. Biking across bridge allowed for many great photo opportunities, as well as the chance to see the world famous landmark from a different perspective. After the bike ride everybody stopped and had lunch near Sausalito, the small bayside town that faces San Francisco, and then rode the Golden Gate Ferry back to San Francisco.

EC San Francisco Bike Trip 1-w800-h600

EC San Francisco Bike Trip 9-w800-h600

EC San Francisco Bike Trip 7-w800-h600

EC San Francisco Bike Trip 5-w800-h600

EC San Francisco Bike Trip 2-w800-h600

As the pictures show, the weather was nice and everybody had a great time. Make the effort to participate in student activities–it’s not only a great way to make memories, but a chance to keep practicing your English as well!

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