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Meet EC SF's Teachers: Laiza

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Laiza, the newest teacher to join the team at EC San Francisco, an English language center in San Francisco

Meet Laiza (pronounced like “Liza”), the newest member of the teaching staff here at EC San Francisco. She started teaching here several weeks ago, and is currently teaching two Intermediate Level courses at EC SF. To get to know her a little better we asked her to share a little bit about herself with us, and she sent us a note with information about her background and her educational experiences. Laiza has been teaching for many years and so has extensive experience in the educational field, and over the years has taught a variety of students of different age levels and abilities. For this reason we asked  her advice on how students can make the most during their time studying at an English language center in San Francisco such as EC San Francisco.

Here is what she had to say, and the advice that she wanted to give to EC SF students:

Hello! I started my teaching career in preschool. On my third year, I shifted to teaching college students, and I have taught English and Mass Communication courses in various universities for the past 15 years. I am originally from the Philippines. The country’s colorful history and culture serve as the gateway to my open mindedness, flexibility and readiness for meaningful experiences.

Having finished my doctorate degree of Literature and Communication, I wrote textbooks for phonology and writing for college students. My ESL students thought the textbooks helped them use English more, which I appreciate much.

My advice to students : to enjoy while they learn and take communication an integral part of their day to day experience. Take each day at a time, get some dose of inspiration, SMILE and make your EC experience a delightful one!

-Teacher Laiza

We’re so excited that you’ve joined the team here at EC San Francisco, Laiza, and we look forward to getting to know you better in the coming months!

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