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Olga's Testimonial: "The teachers were kind and fun"

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Olga's student testimonial about taking commercial English classes in San Francisco
Olga with Florent, the EC SF Residence Coordinator

Olga from Russia recently studied at EC San Francisco. She was in the General English program, and even though she was here for a week, she said she still managed to learn a lot! Before she left we asked her a few questions about her time at EC SF and about the benefits of taking commercial English classes in San Francisco.

Olga said that she decided to study at EC SF for two reasons: she loved San Francisco, and that she head “lots of good things about EC by word of mouth.” When asked what her favorite thing about the school was, she talked about the teachers that she had: “they were kind and clever” and that she “had a lot of fun” taking their classes. She also mentioned the content of the classes as well, saying that she liked the “interesting lessons” that made her think.

In addition, Olga talked about the people at EC SF, including the students, teachers, and staff. There were “good people here,” and there was “lots of smiling around me.” When asked what she would tell a student who was beginning their studies at EC SF she said “to visit all lessons,” and also “do your homework.” The teachers at EC SF would surely agree with such good advice! 🙂

Thank you for all the kind words, Olga, and we are so glad that you enjoyed your time at EC SF. Even though you were only here a short time, we were very glad to have met you!

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