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Gineth and Gustavo's Testimonials: "I like the activities"

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Gustavo &  Gineth EC SF Testimonial

Gineth and Gustavo are two Colombian students who recently completed their time studying at EC San Francisco. They met each other at EC SF, and after completing their student testimonials they requested to take their photo together as “compatriots of the same country.”

Gineth studied for 11 weeks at EC SF, taking General English courses to help further her career back home in Colombia. EC SF was recommended to her by her agency in Colombia, and she ended up enjoying her time studying. “You have good teachers,” she said, and she “liked the course activities.” She also mentioned that she appreciated that the courses are very interactive, “like a workshop.”

Gineth also said that she “liked [the] free classes” that are offered to students twice a week at EC SF, including the Free Study periods where students can help from an EC SF teacher on any topic or subject they want to work on (including homework assignments!). There are also free classes that focus specifically on pronunciation and writing skills. Gineth specifically recommended that students at EC SF take advantage of these courses, and that taking the “listening electives” are a really great way of making the most of one’s time studying at EC San Francisco.

When asked what her favorite memory of San Francisco was, Gineth spoke once again about the activities, particularly those outside of the school, as well as the fact that “people are so friendly and happy.”

Like Gineth, Gustavo’s agency in Colombia recommended that he study at EC San Francisco. He ended up studying at EC SF for 4 weeks, also taking courses in the General English program.

When asked what his favorite thing about studying at EC SF, Gustavo said that he liked that the mix of students who attend the school, giving him the opportunity to get to know “a lot of people from different countries.” When asked about what he liked about San Francisco in general, he said that “San Francisco is a very beautiful city and the people are very kind.” AS such, he recommended that students thinking about studying at EC SF “should come [here] and enjoy it!”

Thank you so much, Gineth and Gustavo–we enjoyed getting to know both of you, and best of luck to you on your future endeavors!


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