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Eduardo Bittar from Brazil: "I absolutely left my heart in San Francisco"

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Three months ago, I left my hometown in order to follow a dream. This dream was guiding me to a foggy and friendly city in California: San Francisco. I could never imagine how this experience would change my life so much. Being alone in a different city, different country, with different people has been such an awesome experience to find out who I am and my perspectives on life.

Exploring the city everyday before or after school, making new friends from many different nationalities, going on short trips to cities nearby, chilling out in Dolores park on a sunny weekend are just a few examples of how I enjoyed my stay in SF.

After one month or more, I decided to sign up for the Student Ambassador Program, which is one of the best things about EC. With this program, I could develop my leadership skills and also meet the new students on Monday and make other ambassador friends that I’ll keep forever. I’ll always remember EC as the place where I had a comfortable environment not only to learn English but also to make friends and have fun.

San Francisco is now one of my favorite places in the world and if I could give new students one advice, it would be: don’t waste time! The Bay Area has many things to do, places to explore, experiences to be lived! So try to enjoy your stay the most.

During my stay, I organized my programs in a to-do-list, so I wouldn’t forget the places I had to go before I leave. It helped me so I could decide what to do first and the routes or buses I’d have to take. Now I share this checklist with you guys, and I hope it can be helpful in your stay.

I absolutely left my heart in San Francisco and the good part of it is I’ll be back to take it. Enjoy! This city is unique and I’m sure if you are not in love yet, you’re gonna be!

ec san francisco student ambassadors

Eduardo Bittar, studied General English at EC San Francisco  , while displaying an excellent leadership role as a Student Ambassador. His friendly and helpful presence will be missed. Good luck, Eduardo! 

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