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Sergio from Colombia: ”My decision to come to San Francisco was right!!!”

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Sergio from Colombia was looking for a place to study English and he ended up opting for EC’s ESL School in San Francisco. He studied at EC for 12 weeks, where he took a general English course at first but he changed the course to Intensive Course at last to study more because he thought it would be a good opportunity for him. In addition to this, Sergio participated in a lot of activities organized by the school and he got to meet people from all around the world and to have amazing experiences. Here is what Sergio had to say:


I always wanted to have this experience of studying English abroad, and I had something clear in my mind of what I wanted: A city and a school where many things could be done for the time that I would be studying; a place with friendly people who tries well foreigners; and people with an opened mind, not only inside the school, but also outside in the city. After some researchs, EC San Francisco appeared as the best option for everything I needed.
It was a surprise for me that EC took care of each student from the beginning of their process. I like the way the staff worries about giving you an enjoyable atmosphere all the time, even before the classes start, such as an introduction of the city on Sunday (Thank you Mayu!). Furthermore, it was rewarding to find teachers strive to make the classes entertaining and comfortable for each student. Thanks to that environment, it was easy to make friends from a lot of countries. I really enjoyed the time I spent with them, sharing life experiences, learning from their cultures and all the activities we did together.
I could find something enjoyable every day, especially all the free activities of the school, in particular, the outside activities to discover the city. It was the best way to meet people from other classes at the same time and I could learn part of the history of the city and take many pictures along the way. The good thing of a small city as San Francisco is that everything is close, with the transportation system I could go everywhere. Similarly, because of the location of the city, it was easy to visit a city as Los Angeles or natural places as Yosemite National Park and Muir Woods.
However, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy all these experiences if I hadn’t improved my English skills; so, from the beginning I knew I had to learn as much as could from the school. In that sense, I’ve thanked my teachers for helping me to improve my writing, pronunciation and vocabulary. In the same way, because I lived in a home stay, I could practice every day with my host mother talking about some recommendations and tips to enjoy more San Francisco.
If somebody asked me about a place to study English, I would recommend EC San Francisco because everything I’ve done in SF was a wonderful experience for me, not only for the knowledge I acquired, but also the incredible people I met inside and outside of the school. I can say that what I found exceeded my expectations and I hope I will come back soon.

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