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Pierre from France: ”I am proud to have succeeded because of my efforts”

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Pierre from France was looking for a place to study English and he ended up opting for EC’s ESL School in San Francisco. He studied at EC for 24 weeks, where he took a Semi Intensive Course. In addition to this, Pierre participated in a lot of activities organized by the school. He got to meet people from all around the world and to have amazing experiences. Here is what Pierre had to say:


During my stay at EC San Francisco School, I have learned a great deal personally, and this experience is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in recent years. Integration into another culture, in an environment where spoken and written language is different from French. It has highlighted my ability to adapt and the need to be autonomous. In addition, learning a second language will be very useful for me in the future as part of an international job. It reinforced my passion for discoveries and made me more curious. Indeed, I was able to meet very interesting people who live around the world. I made contacts and I can now count on some people in case I have a business trip to another country. I also really enjoyed speaking English on a daily basis.
When I arrived here, I was not at all comfortable speaking and integrating into a conversation, today I have made real progress and I am now closer to the B2 + level. My current fluency in English satisfies me and motivates me for the future. But beyond all the knowledge and skills that I have acquired, this trip to San Francisco has allowed me to discover a culture and a part of the world that I have always dreamed of exploring. Arriving in a foreign country, so far from my landmarks, was a real challenge for me and I am proud to have succeeded. In addition, I had the chance to meet people from around the world in the school, which allowed me to discover new cultures, all as interesting as each other. I now understand why, it is very important today to have an experience abroad, because it is while traveling, that one discovers oneself. After spending 6 months in San Francisco, I will not only leave with a significant and full personal experience of how life works here, but also new contacts and a real desire to extend my experience here by looking for a job and to use what I was able to undertake to consolidate my foundations.

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