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A Recap of January

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National Pie Day

We at EC like our pies, we wish it is pie day everyday! So on 1/24 we decided to celebrate America’s national pie day with our students. During break, we Brough a banana pie, and apple pie, a pumpkin and pecan pie… We shared them with every one!


The best experience of the Exploratorium is when you enjoy it at night. On 1/23 we booked tickets for after hours night tours. We interacted with Science and experimented with different concepts while enjoying a couple of refreshments and some small bites!

Sketching & Art

On the fifteenth of this month, we have so many artists among us! But we also have so many more who are daredevils and are willing to try out FREE art class with Amanda. The topic of interest was to sketch portraits while we’re blind folded. They turned out great! We thank you everyone who participated!

Crossing the GGB

January is usually a month of fog! It’s fog city anyway. There’s always Karl rolling into the city! So, it was a rare day of January the 12th, when Anna took a bunch of our lucky students to cross the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Sausalito. They enjoyed their day and had a great exercise. Also, lunch in Sausalito is the best! There are way too many options of delicious food and local restaurants overlooking the Bay!

Sungho Graduated!

Sungho from South Korea is one of our most awesome long term students. He spent over six months with us. He met his girlfriend and started a romance story with her in our school. But then she left to EC New York. So he finally decided to follow her and be with her. As much as we were bummed for losing one of the most active, funniest, helpful students, we encouraged him to follow his love. We support you Sungho!



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