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5 Tips how to maintain your English after EC

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Here are our priceless five pieces of advice to keep improving your English after you graduate from EC. We asked our teachers for their insight and here is what we agreed on! Other than the usual advice you hear, PRACTICE! But you’re confused on how and where, specially that you live in a country where most people don’t speak everyday English! here are more tailored and specific tips!


Watch in English

We advise you to get in the habit of watching your favorite movies and shows in English, if possible. If your show is in another language, or your native language, turn on English subtitles. You may not like watching TV, well you can listen also in English! A lot of podcasts and news outlets have programs designed for you to listen while you are doing your work, or while you commute! Find what you are interested in, and start watching / listening in English.

Vocabulary Journal

You will never stop learning new phrases, words or idioms. Keep small journal next to you and write down everything new you hear. Explain it, put in a little anecdote, give it synonyms. And don’t forget to revisit it every once in while from cover to cover. It’s always helpful and way better than looking up things in online dictionaries.

Keep in Touch

You’ve met so many people here at EC. Follow them on social media, and exchange WhatsApp numbers. Keep in touch and keep up the conversations with them. It will be a great way all of you can keep improving and practicing your English. If your teacher is willing, ask them to chat with them every now and then to catch up.


The best way to practice your English is a face-to-face conversations. Travel and stay in Hostels and mingle with people from all over then world. You guys will be using English naturally to live and have fun! Make new friends from all over the world. The common language will be English. ENJOY!

Online Lessons

If you have time, a lot of organization and individuals provide private and specialized online tutoring. It will cost you less than traveling, and will be more professional than watching TV. Find a tutor online and manage your time wisely!

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