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Ways to Enjoy Toronto

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This was written by students in Zia’s High Intermediate class. Our students produce many interesting pieces of writing.

Ways to Enjoy Toronto

By Ana Carolina Guerrero, Flávio Fonseca, and Jun-Su Kim (Danny)

If you want to drink…

If you want to drink, we recommend you bars, pubs and cheap drinks.

Bars – Unlovable is cool. That is just a fact. There is no way to explain this hot bar. It was selected as one of the best new bars in Toronto. Part of what makes any bar great is location. The Piston couldn’t have gotten either of these any better. It offers a surprisingly great kitchen and an equally fine live room in the back. Everything is great even the interior, staff and cocktails.

Pubs – Toronto has dozens of great pubs that surpass your expectations. You can have different types of food from fish and chips to burgers. If you want to experience a traditional Canadian atmosphere, go to C´est what. It’s located in the cellar of a historic century old building in the St. Lawrence market area.

Cheap drinks – We know that we are students. We don’t have enough money to drink bottles of beer. However, you can pay half the price for the same drink you can get somewhere. Not every place is cheap all the time but if you pick the right night of the week, you can get a deal. For example you can pick up chicken wings for half price at St. Louis Bar and Grill.


If you want to dance…

If you are a lover of nightclubs, Toronto is one of the best places in the world that you can go.  There are hundreds of nightclubs in the city and most of them are located downtown.

The main nightclub in Toronto is The Guvernment. According to the website this nightclub is the best and the biggest in Toronto and it was one of top ten in the World in 2011. It’s  a complex with nine rooms, the capacity for 10,000 people and there are many other nightclubs for different styles of music. Muzic, Cube, Tryst, This is London and Momentos (for Latin music) are five well- renown examples but there are uncountable others.

So we are sure that if you really love nightclubs, you will never feel bored in Toronto.


If you want to eat…

Toronto has a lot of restaurants of differents types, like fast food, or cheap eats, fancy food, or steakhouse.

If you like seafood and you want to spend a little, you should go to “Pure Spirits Oyster House and Grill”. On the other hand, if you want to eat a good piece of meat you should try “Barberian’s Steakhouse”. This place is good if you want to spend a lot of money, or if you have a romantic date. If you like fast and good food but you don’t want to spend much money, our recommendation for you is “Crepes a Gogo” and “California Sandwiches”. Enjoy the Mexican food at “Milagro” they sell many types of tacos and good typical Mexican food.

It all depends on your budget and what you are hungry for. Let’s try more than just McDonald’s and the mall food courts. Try something different. Try to spend a little money in a good restaurant. Try cheap eats in another place. Let’s start to eat better.

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