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Algonquin Park – Nature in Canada

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Algonquin Park, located between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River in Central Ontario, is the oldest provincial park in Canada. Because of its size of about 7653 square kilometers, it’s a perfect place to view birds and other wildlife. If you visit the park, over 2.400 lakes and 1.200 kilometers of streams and rivers are waiting for you.

Because the park is very close to the major urban centers of Toronto and Ottawa, Algonquin Park is one of the most popular parks for tourists and the Canadians too. To get there, just follow Highway 60 north.

There is a visitor center for all people who want to know something about the natural history, enjoy a relaxed meal in a nice restaurant or buy a book to become an Algonquin Park expert. You can also go out and enjoy a wonderful view above the park and take a huge breath of fresh air. (more about the visitor center:

Everybody interested in the history of the park can visit the Algonquin Logging Museum. You’ll get all information you want in a multimedia presentation and a nice ambiance. (more about the museum:

At the moment, the leaves are changing their colours; so we think that it’s a wonderful idea to visit Algonquin Park, take a walk through the impressive nature, enjoy the fresh air and take some pictures of the spectacular views …….

….. like our two interns at EC Toronto. They visited Algonquin Park last weekend and were there for one night. If you want to see some of their pictures they took just follow this link.

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