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Halloween Costumes – Your Own Trademark for the Special Night

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On October 31st you have to dress up. For this special night we want to help you to look scary and horrible.

Trends for 2012:

A big “Thank you” goes to the great movies Avengers, Spider-Man and Batman this year, because they made superhero costumes very popular this Halloween. But don’t be surprised if you see another Hulk at a Halloween party.

If there is a multi-coloured wig from the last year in your wardrobe you can prepare a costume like a pop star, e.g. Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. If you don’t like these two options, don’t fear, because zombies are always a great idea. 🙂


Here are some stores where you can get a scary costume (Please note: Some of them open just for the Halloween season. So follow the links, call them and check their hours.)

For Adults:

For Kids:

Vintage Costumes:

If you want to buy some cheap but a good quality costumes, or if you just need a special accessory for your costume, a vintage or second hand store is a great idea.

There are many other vintage stores in Kensington Market and on Queen Street West.

You need to identify with your costume. So try to get help from the staff – maybe you can create your costume together. Or maybe you change the standard costumes a little bit or mix it with your own ideas so it becomes your own special version.

We would be very happy (and of course we would be scared) when you send us a picture of your Halloween costume or Halloween party.

To our students: Wear your costume to school on Wednesday October 31. We are having a Halloween party with a prize the best costume!

Happy Halloween to everybody!

Your EC Toronto Team

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