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English Only Policy at EC Toronto

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Has it ever crossed your mind to give up doing something just for fear of making mistakes and being inappropriate?

Persistence and practice are some of the secrets to achieving many things, including learning English.


Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player ever. What happened? Magic? No. His achievement is the result of an arduous trek. Michael Jordan spent all his free time training, training and training. The persistence and lack of fear of failure made ​​him a true myth in basketball.

Speaking English fluently is the same: you need to practice speaking to get there. Practice until your mouth and your brain can do it without any effort. Only by doing so will you be able to speak English fluently.

This is one of the reasons EC Toronto asks you to speak only English when you are inside the

school. We call it  our “English Only Policy” and we truly believe in the good results that it can bring to our students.



Sometimes it can be hard:  you may be afraid to speak English because you think  you’re  going to say something wrong, or your pronunciation might not be correct, but it’s very important that you make this little effort for yourself and for the other people around you.

When you feel that urge to stop or give up, carry on! That is the moment in which your brain will work harder to learn how to deal properly with the English language.

Therefore, guys, here are some reasons why you have to speak English only when you are at EC Toronto:

  • Practice and memorize what you learned in class
  • Communicate with people from other countries
  • Improve your pronunciation faster
  • Talking in your own language in a circle of friends where not everyone understands is rude and unfair


Look around EC Toronto and see our signs to remind you!


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