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Private English lessons at EC Toronto

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Did you know that EC Toronto offers private lessons in English? Studying one-to-one is the ultimate course for making maximum progress during a short period of time.  One-to-One is the most flexible and personal course available.

This is an intensive course which is 100% focused on your English language needs and designed by your teachers to meet your requirements. Generally, these lessons are offered in the afternoons, at a time that is convenient for both the teacher and the student.

Loris was a student at EC last month, and took English private lessons in Toronto. He studied one to one with our teacher, Camellia, and was extremely happy with the results. On his last day, he baked a cake and brought it to her!  He sent us this photo and said:

loris and camillia

Here is the picture with Loris and the best English teacher of EC Toronto!

So give it a try! Contact us for more information at EC Toronto.

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