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EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Silvia Perez-zamacona from Spain #ecexperience

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After 6 months in this beautiful country, I’m back in Spain. I have never had such a wonderful experience in my life.

As a student I spent the whole time at EC Toronto. The first three months as a student and the last three months as an intern. I have no words, I have no complaints, everything went extremely good. When I arrived, my classes were focused in General English. It was good to have two different teachers because both were very different which makes their classes good too. That was one of the facts that I really liked because the classes weren’t similar. It is good to change the method, it makes you not  feel bored.



After four weeks I moved up and I changed to Toefl class. This class was totally different because it was focused just on the test. The preparation was really good. The teacher knows exactly what to teach and how to teach. Even though a preparation class is not a very talkative class, he made the classes very easy going.


When I finished with my English classes I started my Co-op Programme in EC. My internship at the office was in the operations department. It could have never been better than it was. Sometimes I  worked inside the office, other times I helped at the front desk. I learned a lot of new things and I improved my English. For example, my listening now is much better than when I was a student at the school. Being around different people with different accents helps you a lot in that specific skill. I had a really great time with EC school. I have only good words to say, so if you are thinking of going abroad, check first Canada and then EC Toronto.


You won’t regret it!!    See you soon Toronto!!!

Silvia Perez-zamacona. Intensive English student. #ecexperience

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