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     You cannot get through a single day without an impact on the world around you. After getting used to English, you will need to decide what kind of difference in life you will make. Your life in Toronto, especially one week after, might be like routine days unless you find something new.

    The first thing you can try is new food! There are several ethnic towns. Generally around Spadina station is called China town. The area of Chester station is said  Greek town, and it’s Korea town near Cristie station.  Their landscapes will surprise you because of different views. You can eat genuine dishes as delicious as them in each country, so you should go there at least one restaurant in each town. Here are some examples of restaurants, so let’s try them.

Dumpling House Restaurant(spadina) … Chinese

Pantheon Restaurant(Chester) … Greek

Omonia(Chester) … Greek

Kayagum(Willowdale) … Korean


    After trying new food, you can try various events in Toronto. This big city has a lot of festivals every week. Particularly big events will be advertised so you can know, but some rare events which are not well-known to people would be more fun for you. There are some search engines. Blogto is the biggest site which covers whole things about Toronto. You can see good stores or fun events only with checking this site.Yelp is about restaurant, clinic, hair salon and small shops, that makes easy to find what you want.These homepage will make you excited!

Enjoy your life learning English in Toronto. 

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