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These days it’s been raining off and on, it’s telling that spring is coming. It was hard to travel around the city, even just going out in wintertime, and now that we can go on a trip without any concern about the cold. At EC, there is TNT tour, a school trip agency, They provide many value plans such as going to Niagara falls, Montreal, NYC and so on. It is pretty close from Toronto to each city, so it takes a short time and we can choose a good way of some transportation.

The most common way is by airplane. There are two big plane companies, Air Canada and Westjet. Both companies are quite good, and different in some points. In general, Air Canada is superior to Westjet about On-demand free entertainment, free movie or TV program on the plane, but westjet has a better customer service. Portar, a newer airplane company, offers a free shuttle to Pearson airport. If you’re interested more, here is a detailed research. Air Canada vs Westjet vs Portar

Air_Canada_Boeing_777-333ER_YUL_2009 (1)

Coach service is the cheapest and probably hardest way to visit these cities. The most famous coach company is Megabus, which you can buy a ticket at a low price. If you see this site very early, you may get a cheapest ticket, for example, they sell ticket to NYC only 30$ for a very short time. One problem is the length of time. It’s much longer than that by plane, so it would be good only if you can stand it.


The last one is VIA train. The other two ways are mainly in the East area, but this train is in all Canada. It is not as quick as plain is, or not as cheap as bus service is, but it has some good things only for them. First of all, we can enjoy the great landscape during a trip. Especially on the road from Toronto to Vancouver, you will see a wonderful view of Canadian Rocky mountains. Moreover they offer us delicious meals, so if you want to enjoy the way to go itself, it’ll be good for you.


It would be new experience to prepare everything by yourself, and it’ll be a good practice of English. So let’s go on a trip with your EC friends!

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