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EC Toronto Testimonial – Nobuki Uenishi

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Here is Nobuki Uenishi’s translated questionnaires about EC’s life. It seems to be obvious that he enjoyed it a lot reading these questions.

Learning English in Toronto.

 -Please write a few words about your experience at EC.

activities… I went to the Niagara falls at the first day I arrived at Toronto using TNT tour(an agency in EC). In there, a lot of new friends made me happy, especially when we had lunch together that was very fun, It was like that I was in a dream.

Teachers… They were one of the best teachers I’ve ever met, definitely within top 5. They were exceptionally kind even if I’ve been with them just for three weeks. The classes were easy to understand, fun, and encouraged me to study more actively. I was very happy to study in such a comfortable environment.

Classes… My classmates were all older than me, but they kindly greeted and supported me very respectfully and corrected my English. They were as great as my family and friends.

Office… Honestly I’ve rarely visited the office, but they solved my problem right after it happened. They work faster than F1 cars, and also they were warmer than a fire.

School… That was the best place to talk with my friends and study, or meet new people. It was also comfortable to go anywhere from the building because of the location close to the station. The cafeteria at the ground floor was filled with peace.

Courses… I think the courses and levels are very subdivided in order to find our right class. I wish I could have gotten closer to people in other course, but it would be my fault.

Classes… The content itself was actually what I learnt in my high school, but I noticed it’s more difficult to explain it in English. Learning English without my own language is better to understand.

Etc… I became more confident not only about English, but also about myself.

Thank you, Nobuki! Nobuki got a lot of new experiences at EC. There are many students here and they are waiting for you! Find more about learning English in Toronto. 

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