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We have some very exciting news at EC Toronto!  Students can purchase an online learning platform when they have completed their immersion program at EC!

For a limited time, students can book either a 6-month or 12-month on-line learning program.  The 6-month period includes one private lesson and the 12-month one two private lessons.  The discounted rates start at an incredibly low $75.

The Fusion learning platforms has a list of impressive features:

  • Choose teachers based on profile and availability
  • Choose the focus of the session
  • Receive personalized feedback
  • Authentic content from premier publishers such as the Financial Times, Associated Press and Bloomberg
  • Multimedia lessons– including videos, articles and audio recordings
  • Large selection of unit themes including: Business, Law, Medicine, Oil & Gas, Technology…
  • Grammar Guide for additional grammar information
  • Word Bank with a flashcard tool
  • Progress test available every three months
  • Available on native iOs and Android applications so students can access lessons anytime and anywhere

Students can log on to and try it out for a 3-day trial period.

Another great advantage is that students can print a level certificate at anytime to prove their English proficiency level.

Come to the office to ask us about Fusion.


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