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Student Testimonials – Feb 28, 2020

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Some of our students that left last week shared their testimonial with us about when they were having English courses in Toronto.

“I stayed in Toronto almost 6 months and I can’t explain how amazing this experience had been. I improved my English and I met different people from different countries. I’m leaving with good memories that I won’t forget.
Thank you!”

Maeva Gaspar, France

“First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in my journey here! It was an amazing experience! I had the besties teachers ever, they helped me so much to improve my English.
I made a lot of friends too.
Of course I’m going to tell everybody that EC is the best school to study in Toronto.

Caroline Garcia Palacio, Brazil



“I choose Toronto because I always wanted to go to Canada. I improved my English a lot at EC, it was one of the best experiences I ever had. The school is really comfortable, and the teachers are very nice and friendly. I would recommend EC to all my friends; I loved the whole experience!”

Anna Carolina Watzko de Britto, Brazil



“I liked to study in Toronto. All people are friendly. Teachers are friendly.  I improved my speaking and listening. On the class I had good experiences with speaking. My accommodation had friendly people and good food.

Kele Cristine Kehl, Brazil



“I choose this destination because Toronto is a beautiful city. In Toronto I learned so much in EC. My accommodation was at Ruth’s house. She was so nice and kind. I recommend EC for my friends because I really liked my experience at EC.”

Kailani Kehl, Brazil



“I am sooooooo happy that I’ve learned English and at the same time I was able to make friends from different nationalities! I fell so blessed! <3”

Luísa Izquierdo, Brazil



“I came here to take TOEIC course. I learned a lot, especially my listening skill has improved. My friends came from South America, Brazil, Korea…. I would recommend EC to my friends!”

Shuichi Onishi, Japan



“I had a really good time at EC school although I stay here for only two weeks. I could meet so many friends and teachers who are from Europe, Asia, South America and so on. I recommend you all to come to EC school. Thank you!”

Yuno Sakuma, Japan



“I choose this destination because it is my second time in Toronto. I learned a lot about different cultures. It was funny in the class with teachers. I improved a lot.”

Pascal Mejer, Switzerland



“I took English course for a month at EC. I chose Toronto because I wanted to know the city and the culture. Everything was good for me, It was a nice experience. It was just a month but really was more than I expected.”

Lina Marcela Quevedo, Colombia



“I really like the way to EC teach its students. Teachers are always funny and help us.”

Gilmar Martins, Brazil



“I chose the city because of the diversity there is here. I learned how to speak fluently and improved a lot. I went from pre-advanced to proficiency.
I really liked the teachers and will recommend EC to my friends.
My new friends are Japanese, Korean, Swiss, Turkish, Brazilian, Mexican, and French.
The most memorable things are the friendly atmosphere and how everybody is nice to each other.”

Ketsia Fongnikin, France



“Toronto is a Wonderful city and there are a lot of places to visit here.
I think that I could improve my English while studying at EC school, besides my listening level on exit tests is worse, I believe that my writing, listening, and speaking are much better now than in January, when I arrived here.
My favourite EC activity was the free classes. Matthew is an excellent teacher and the subject of the classes is very interesting and different every week.
The school structure is excellent (computers, study room…). My accommodation (Bernadette Elicanal) is very gentle and likes to have students in her house. I’ll recommend EC school to my friends. My at EC come from France, Turkish, and Switzerland.”

Atlia Pianelli Figueira de Faria, Brazil



EC Toronto wish you all the best in your homes and hope you keep practising and come back to Study English in Toronto! See you soon!!!

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