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Viviana Diaz Granados Serna – A testimonial

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My experience in Vancouver


I decided to come to Vancouver because I was looking for an interesting place to find an internship to complement my studies and at the same time improving my English. At first, I was a little nervous because travelling abroad requires different skills that you don’t know if you have until you live the experience. The good thing is that if you don’t have what it takes you are going to learn it anyway.

The most difficult thing for me is being away from my family, but I am pretty lucky I was born in the 21st century and I can talk to them and see them every day through the Internet.

From the moment I got on the plane in Colombia the experience began and from then to now I haven’t stopped learning, and when I say learning I’m not only talking about the language, because in fact this has been a great multicultural involvement. Now I have friends from different countries and I have the opportunity to learn so many interesting things about their own manners and traditions.

I have been in Vancouver for 3 months and I still have 3 more months left here. My English has improved considerably since I arrived in January and I feel very thankful with my school and my homestay family for that; they’ve been a very significant part of my learning here. Now I am very happy because I got the internship I was looking for and in matter of days I will start having a real work experience.

I could not be happier for all the things I’ve learned in Vancouver, not forgetting the wonderful places I have been to and of course all the friendships that I definitely will carry in my heart forever.

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