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Welcome Pierina to EC Vancouver!

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Dear readers!!!

My name is Pierina I’m from Switzerland and I’m doing an internship at the front desk of EC Vancouver.

I’m in the co-op program, I was taking general classes here in the school for 12 weeks. I have already improved a lot in these 12 weeks. I really like the EC teachers and the way these teach. The nicest thing about EC is that you meet so many people from different countries and get to know their cultures. Another thing that I like is you have every 4 or 5 weeks the chance to move up and have a new challenge at a higher level.

My 12 weeks in school are over, I had one week vacation and now 11 weeks left to work at the front desk. I expect that I can still improve my English a lot. That I’ll get used to working with the computer and that I can help everyone as much as possible. I like to work in a Team and independently so I think I will have a good time at the front desk.

So if you have any problems or questions come and see me at the front desk, I will help as much as possible.

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