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Another former student looks back at his time at EC Vancouver.

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Hi everybody !

My name is Gilles and I’m from the french part of Switzerland. I studied for 10 weeks at EC Vancouver from August to October.

I’ll never forget my first day at EC. It was the 12th of August; I arrived one time to take the placement test and it was at that time that I met my first friends in Vancouver. We were all in the same situation, we were alone, abroad and a bit lost in this big city so different from our native country !

My two first weeks I was in an intermediate class, then I changed to a high intermediate class and finally to an upper intermediate level. Every time I changed my class I met a lot of new people who became friends.

During my stay in Vancouver I did many activities and some amazing trips!
In the city, I really liked Stanley Park and Granville Island. I also did the Grouse Grind with some friends, the scenary from the top of Grouse Mountain was wonderful.
The Rockies tour was also very amazing. There were so many lakes, glaciers and beautiful landscapes ; I’ll recommend to everyone to do it! I also visited Whistler, Victoria and Seattle which are all great cities.
One thing I’ll never forget is the Vancouver night life and the amazing parties we had with my friends and of course every Thursday night at Malones!
After my stay in Vancouver, I travelled across Canada. I visited Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montreal and lastly, Quebec City. I absolutely loved

Montreal, Toronto was also beautiful not as amazing as Vancouver.

After this amazing experience it was very difficult to get back home. You realised how your friends were important and how you’ll miss them.

One month after being back home, I’ve still remained in contact with the friends I met in Vancouver. I miss them and all the stunning moments we spent together. But I know someday we shall all meet up again.

« wherever you are it’s your friends who make your world… » William Jamesgilles5gilles4gilles1gilles2gilles3

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