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"Lost Souls of Gastown" Tour in Vancouver

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Have you heard about “Forbidden Walking Tours” in Vancouver?


It is a tour that will bring you to the heart of Downtown, introduce you to “The Lost Souls of Gastown” and will reveal stories of speakeasies, showgirls, corrupt mayors and mobsters and you’ll visit Vancouver’s most iconic buildings and places like the Sun Tower and the Dominion Building.

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To reveal a little bit: “After a night of whiskey and cards at the saloon, gold prospector John Bray staggered out onto the streets of Victorian-era Gastown. He never made it back to his hotel. Robbed and shot three times in the head, he wandered the streets for two delirious weeks before the bullets finally killed him.”

Find out the story of John Bray and his mysterious death, along with tales of hustlers and thieves, vagabonds and bawdy girls, on the “Lost Souls of Gastown” tour. A gothic theatre adventure that pulls you so deep into the swirling lamplight and darkened alleys of Gastown’s murky past, you may have a hard time finding your way back out…


  You will learn about the tale of a terrible and forgotten plague. A fire that ate up Gastown in minutes while people sprinted for their lives down Water Street. A Klondike goldrush beauty who had her heart-broken and pocket-book looted by a ruthless theatre magnate. The ghost of the city’s first madam and her curious Gastown abode. And you will find out who really killed John Bray…Vancouver’s most notorious unsolved murder.


Additional information:


$19 for students and $22 for adults. You can join the tour at 8:00pm every Friday and Saturday.  Each walking tour is about 90 minutes.

It should be a great opportunity to learn about the Vancouver’s hidden history and to share a rare experience with other EC Students!


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