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Bohyeon Lee from Korea shares her EC Vancouver experience!

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Bohyeon Lee from Korea shares her experience while while taking the  IELTS – Higer Score Canada in Vancouver.

Hello future EC students!

I’m Bo-Hyeon from Korea. I just finished my three-month Cambridge course and now I am taking IELTS classes. I’ve been here since February 1st, and I have about 1 month more here. I feel sad to leave this wonderful place. I can tell you that I had a great time and I would love to live here in Vancouver because of the lovely memories I have had at EC Vancouver!

Before I decided to come here, I was a university student and wondering about my future because I hadn’t had chances to think about myself. I decided to come here as my agency recommended it because at this time, I only had that desire to experience something new!


Although my decision was too hasty to be good, their recommendation was certainly true! Actually, since I’m a very shy person I wanted to change so I can meet new people here. Life at EC wasn’t easy at first because not only I had to talk with my new classmates, but on top of that I had to speak English with them! Also the weather was far from my expectation.

Nevertheless, as I spent more time with many students from different countries, something magical happened. I started to enjoy talking with new people! All the stories they have to tell, the charm each person has; all this became interesting to me! And I owe this to my three months experience of Cambridge course.


In our class, we had a variety of students: Koreans, Swiss, Turkish, Brazilian, and Spanish. It’s true that we were not mixing up at first, but this didn’t last long.

We did so many things together as a class. We went dragon boating, we had trips to famous Vancouver sites, and we had lunch together. We spent a lot of time together which makes sense since we were all cruising to the same destination: the Cambridge exam! With shared goals, we could become much closer. I also could learn and have chances to think about myself as I heard about other friends’ lives. In this class, I had a mind-blowing and wonderful experience that I’ll never forget!


If you have the same concerns as me, you need time to get closer to others but still want to know and meet great new people, I strongly recommend taking this Cambridge class at EC. EC has a lot of good and experienced teachers that are specialized in teaching specific courses like Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC.

Now, since my last day in Vancouver is coming, I am sad to say goodbye to everything here. From the great people I met here to the crazy weather of my dear Raincouver. There is nothing you can’t fall in love with here. Now I’m used to walking through the light rain without an umbrella and it proves how much I loved life in Vancouver!

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