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PNE: Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver's only amusement park!

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Hey EC Vancouver students!

What’s up? -Not much? Well, how about a fair? Yes, that’s right, a fair!

Each year, the Pacific National Exhibition welcomes millions of guests who get together for the same reason: HAVE FUN!

Playland by night at the 2013 Fair at the PNE_620x400-w300-h300

The PNE organizes many exhibits, activities and shows. It also offers rides, cultural activities and of course it hosts the yearly summer Fair.

At the PNE, you can enjoy many kinds of activities: fake tattoos, a glass house and many rides!



Are you a fan of the series Game of Thrones? Well … what if I told you that the PNE is hosting the Game of Thrones’ exhibition? Cool, right!?



Convinced? Yes? So check for further information and admission.

Quick tip: For discounted admission tickets, buy them online or at 7 Eleven! 


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