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Hsiu Hsi Liao from Taiwan: "I am very glad I found EC Vancouver."

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Hsiu Hsi Liao from Taiwan shares her experience while taking the General English Course (Upper-Intermediate) in Vancouver.

Hi, my name is Hsiu Hsi. I’m from Taiwan. Going abroad was one of my dreams since I was little. It improved my English, and on top of that it also enriched my life experience. That’s what brought me here.


Vancouver is a multicultural city. I like that I can meet people from all around the world here. It makes this city very charming. I can learn about more different cultures and try various types of food by staying in the same city. This summer, I took part in many festivals such as the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, the Celebration of Light or the Carnaval Del Sol from Latin America. I’m sure there are a bunch of things you can enjoy and you will get into it.


The nature in Vancouver is one of the best things too. There are so many trails where you can hike and breathe in phytoncides! There are also many breathtaking views. Every mountain, like the Rocky Mountains, has diverse looks in winter time and summer. You won’t get bored seeing this.

I am very glad I found EC Vancouver. The staff and teachers are all willing to help you with any questions, even if it’s not about English. They have a lot of patience explaining lessons, and it motivated me to learn and speak English in a casual way.


Apart from this, EC staff holds lots of activities and gives a bunch of Canadian information to help students experience Canadian life and make their life abroad colorful. This includes parties at local pubs, boat rides, sports clubs, outdoor free movies, and so on. Another one of the reasons why I enjoyed here so much is that I made many friends coming from other countries. We had such a good time after school exploring and sightseeing Vancouver together. You won’t feel lonely here.

These are my real experiences at EC Vancouver. EC Vancouver won’t disappoint you!


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