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Jungoh Justin Kim from Korea: A great alumni story!

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Jungoh Justin Kim from Korea shares his EC experience while attending EC’s Intensive English program in Vancouver.

Hi, everybody,

I am Jung-oh Kim from South Korea. You guys know, Korean names are hard to pronounce, so I have an English name, Justin. I majored in bio medical engineering at Konkuk University. After graduation, I worked at Stryker which is a medical device company as a sales representative, and it is an American company. Even though I needed to speak English fluently, I couldn’t do that. So I decided to quit and study in Canada. Why Canada? Actually I considered about 4 cities, Vancouver, San Diego, Toronto, Sydney. I thought the weather was important, most of all. Vancouver has the best weather in the world.

Justin Kim talks about his experience while studying English at EC Vancouver

I am living at downtown apartment. When I came here, I was living in homestay. It was the Filipino house but their meal were not good for me. So I found an apartment and contracted. If you are supposed to stay over six months, I am really recommend to rent an apartment. It was hard to find a nice house and if you found a house, you have to talk with apartment manager about contract. But you can stay cheaper than homestay, you do not need to buy a monthly pass, you can go to EC on foot. I have two roommates who are from England. We are living at my apartment. So, I get opportunity to speak and learn British English.

Now, I am going to talk about my study experience at EC. I studied at EC Vancouver for two months, it was a top notch experience. When I stated at EC, my level was low-intermediate. It was not bad, but not so good. So I studied hard and wasn’t absent. Of course, I c assignment. And then, I got a chance to take IELTS class after 5 weeks. It was really hard for me, but I enjoyed the challenge. Usually, I studied at the Library downtown, and I finished my homework after school. Actually, it is just three minutes from EC Vancouver to the library, it was great for me. In my case, when I arrived at home, I was tending to skip my homework. That is why I studied 1 or 2 hours at the library and then I hung out with my friends. I just want to say “Do not skip your class and homework.”

Justin Kim talks about his experience while studying English at EC Vancouver

With EC, I have a lot of exercises. Firstly, every Thursday is pub night, so I hung out with my friends and get chance to make some new friends. Secondly, I was team member of EC soccer team, we had good players so we won ESL cup. Thirdly, I joined free class in the afternoon. It was nice to speak English and good chance to meet new friends. Fourthly, I wrote many words for “word of the days” on the EC Facebook page every day. The words are very useful for vocabularies. So I got prizes three times as a winner of word of day competition. Thus, EC Vancouver has variety activities for students, if you join those, your English skills will defiantly improve.

Justin Kim talks about his experience while studying English at EC Vancouver

Finally, I got high score at the exit test. As a matter of fact, I got how to study English. I think it is the most important thing. I would like to thank to my teachers for teaching me.

Justin Kim talks about his experience while studying English at EC Vancouver Vancouver has a lot of good places to travel. I went to the Rockies, Grouse Mountain, Deep Cove, and White rock. The Rockies tour was with Club ESL, and I met many new friends. If you go to Canadian Rockies, you will never regret and also I traveled to the U.S west coast by myself. I rented a car in San Francisco, I went to Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. It was so amazing. Especially, I have never forgot the Grand Canyon.

So, I finished my story. I wish everybody to have great experiences at EC and will be a fluent English speaker. Thank you.


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