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Fun things to do for EC Vancouver students in January #1: No Pants Skytrain Ride Vancouver 2015!

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No Pants Skytrain Ride is back for 2015! It will take place on Sunday, January 11, at the Broadway Skytrain station.


Participants (wearing normal clothes) will show up to the Broadway Skytrain station by the escalators which are across from Shoppers (South side of Broadway) at 2:30pm. So if you want to participate, go there wearing normal clothes (and underwear), a purse or backpack and bring paid fare.

The important thing is that you need to act like a complete stranger! Keep a straight face and do not talk to others as you enter the Skytrain. Just act like it is any other day.

As soon as the doors shut or once the train takes off, take off your pants casually and put them in your purse or backpack. Don’t forget to keep a calm and cool face!


People may ask you why you are not wearing your pants or where your pants are… Just tell them that they were getting uncomfortable or you forgot to wear them!

Want more information? Visit No Pants Skytrain Ride Vancouver’s Facebook page!


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