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Dajeong Daisy Kim: "I got high score to the TOEIC exam!"

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Dajeong Daisy Kim from Korea who studied TOEIC in Vancouver with EC shares a great news with her TOEIC teacher, Jeremy. Congratulations!!

This is Daisy who is Korean student in your TOEIC class! Long time no see!

Dajeong Daisy Kim from Korea achieves great TOEIC score in Vancouver

I got high score to the TOEIC exam!! 870, it’s much more than I expected. Thanks to you. It is all about your class. I don’t have to take any more tests. Hahaha !! My field, Design, doesn’t need more than 900.

I really do miss all of Vancouver. Maybe in the future, I will work in Vancouver! I’m going to try to do that.

Take care and good luck in 2015!

Daisy DJ Kim


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