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Nilo from Brazil writes about his amazing experience in Vancouver

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Nilo Arthur shares his experience in Vancouver within EC while studying TOEFL in Vancouver.

Nilo posing in front of the Rockies

Hello guys!

I’m going to write about my fantastic experience in Vancouver and how EC Vancouver made it even better.

My name is Nilo, I’m 17, and I spent almost two months in Vancity. Soon you’ll understand why I say it was certainly the best time of my life so far. The reasons why I chose EC came mainly from the positive feedback that I got from friends in Brazil. Organization, close contact to each student, excellent teachers and infrastructure were the main criterias that guided my choice – and yes, I can now confirm that they are true.

The Northern Lights in Yellowknife with Nilo

This trip to Vancity was actually the first time I traveled alone and stayed more than a week far away from my family and friends. In the beginning, I thought I wouldn’t be able to “survive” these 2 months, because I didn’t consider myself as an independent person with enough responsibility to honor my commitments before. Well, I was proved wrong in a couple of days. Soon I made new friends at EC, and, together with the host family, they helped me a lot in the process of becoming independent and fearless. My self-reliance increased a lot, and so did my skills in dealing with people. I never actually missed my life in Brazil to the point of wanting to go back home. When you finally realize you’re in Canada, you just think about enjoying every second there.

Nilo during a hockey games with his friends

My classmates were awesome, and they came from everywhere in the world: Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, Turkey and so on. The cultural exchange is something unique and fun – you’re going to love it more than you think. Your world knowledge will increase like never before, and so will your English, the universal communication language. My teacher was Tom, and I won’t be able to completely describe him, without writing an encyclopedia-sized book. To sum up, in 4 words: THE BEST TEACHER EVER. It was pleasant to attend his classes every day, and I learned more about TOEFL and trained my skills with him than I could have ever imagined.

Nilo with his classmates after TOEFL class

I’d like to make something clear: it’s impossible to get bored in Vancouver. You always have something to do because of a lot of famous spots, such as the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain, Lynn Canyon Park, Stanley Park, Canada Place and English Bay; and as well as of the countless activities going on in Downtown in the afternoon and at night. You can’t say you went to Canada if you didn’t go to watch a hockey match, so don’t miss the opportunity. The game was insane and entertaining – I guarantee you’re going to love it. If you have enough time, it’s possible to travel to more distant places, such as Victoria, the Rocky Mountains or even Seattle, since Vancouver is very close to the U.S. I, particularly, loved the Rockies and its stunning natural landscapes – everywhere you go it’s worth taking a picture. I also went to Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories, with my friend Sang. Seeing the Northern Lights, riding a Dog Sled and driving a Snowmobile for the first time in a -48C environment were unforgettable experiences. I totally recommend these trips if you get the chance.

Nilo posing in front of the Rockies

These moments will be forever in my memory, and I’m extremely grateful to EC and its staff, my friends and my host family making everything possible. I already miss you a lot!



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