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Yuki shares his experience while studying in an English school

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Yuki Okamura, a former EC student, tells about his experience of studying at our English school, EC Vancouver.

Yuki and his hostfamily

My Japanese high school chose this school for me. I think it has been good for me to come to EC.

Elizabeth and Carla are really kind teachers. Every all the time, they taught me English as much as they could. When I first came to EC Vancouver, I didn’t speak English very well. However, now, I can speak English better than three months ago. I enjoyed speaking English to talk to my friends.

I made a lot of friends who I met for the first time. We went to eat lunch and dinner. We went sightseeing and shopping in Vancouver. Especially my homestay brothers, Joep and Enio, became really good friends of mine. We went to many places and had an enjoyable time every day.

Yuki and his friends



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