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A great alumni story by Hyunji Lee!

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Hyunji Lee from Korea shares her experience while studying English at EC Vancouver (High-Intermediate).

Hello everyone! This is HYUN-JI LEE from South Korea! But I’m accustomed to being called just ‘Jenny’ until now, at least. I came back to Korea in February. Vancouver was such an awesome experience!

Hyunji and her friends

I studied at EC school in Vancouver for 6 months. I’m extremely satisfied with my choice and my life in Vancouver. I chose this school because as of lots of advantages. Among them, the biggest reason is that the school has many students from different countries. It is totally true! I’m happy that I made many friends there. The facilities in the school are also very clean and comfortable. Plus, all teachers, staffs and ambassadors are very kind and friendly. Also, I was one of the student ambassadors. It helped me experience unique things as well as adapt to the Vancouver life.

Since I came back to Korea, I have missed the city, people and the school a lot! I went through the best moments in my life. I’m sure that I will never forget anything about my Van life forever and ever. I don’t know how to thank you guys. Thank you for everything that you gave me!


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