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The origins of Halloween

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Halloween is the only night of the year that spirits can come from the underworld to the world of living, at least this is what the oldest Celtics believed!

EC Vancouver English Center celebrates Halloween!

This myth has its origins in pre-Christian times in Ireland, it was an ancient Celtic festival where farmers celebrated the end of the harvest and the start of the long winter. This event was celebrated on October 31, the day they believed dead and living worlds were very close.

People started to dress up as ghosts to go unnoticed, they hoped that this would confuse the spirits. However, ghost left some messages to all these people. It is said that unmarried girls received a clue of the professions of their future husbands.

This was brought to Canada by Irish and Scottish immigrants, and nowadays is a popular celebration in several countries, each year more and more countries add this characteristic holiday to their calendar.


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