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Goodbye Valeria

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Today is the last day of one of our wonderful student ambassador, Valeria! Valeria joined us from Cartagena, Colombia. She is 17 years old, and loves to play soccer and hang out with her friends. She came here for 3 months to study English, and enjoy making friends with her classmates. She loved the city, and even the bad weather didn’t stop her from getting out and helping us with activities. Just a couple of weeks ago she lead a group of EC students through mud and snow, as they hiked up Dog Mountain. She is also very outgoing, and had no problem flaunting her advanced English skills as she made announcements to several classes about upcoming events. As she leaves, Valeria says that she will remember the kind and helpful staff of EC. As for us, we will remember great her great personality and initiative.
See you later, Valeria!


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