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Daniela's Vancouver Experience

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Daniela has been a great student here at EC. As she leaves us, she would like to share a couple of her favorite memories from her time here in Vancouver:

I visited a lot of different places in Vancouver, as well as other places nearby. I visited whistler, Joffre Lakes, Lynn Canyon park, Stanley park, English Bay, and North Vancouver.
In Vancouver I got to know people from different places of the world, like Colombia, Japan, and Korea. I got to practice my English by talking with them about different subjects. My advice for future students is to go to different places with different people the you met at school. Also, make sure you study not just at school, but outside of school as well.

In addition to being an awesome student, Daniela is also an awesome Youtuber! Please check out one of her videos here! It’s in Portuguese, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the video once you recognize the familiar setting 🙂


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