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Judith's Homestay

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Judith Homestay

Judith is a student who just recently shared her experience in Vancouver. It turns out, she has even more exciting experiences to share with us. This is what Judith had to tell us about her homestay with EC:


My host family are the kindest people I´ve ever met. They have three children: Jasmine (13), Spencer (18) and Brendon (20). I felt really welcomed when I first arrived. They showed me the whole house, as well as the way to school, which bus to take, where I to leave get off, and the train station. After that, they showed me downtown and we got had a nice chocolate fondue. The fears I had about living with a host family were completely unnecessary and it felt like home very quickly.

We didn´t really have the time to do a lot of things together. During the first few weeks I was really busy because there were so many things to do and so many places to visit with the friends I made at school. Right now they are really busy because the youngest one has finished elementary school and has a lot of sports events right now. She´s playing basketball, baseball and softball. Spencer is graduating from high school. I went to one of Yasmine´s baseball games and watched it together with the family. It was an experience I´d never had before because baseball isn´t a very famous sport in Germany. We went to Steveston together, they showed me Downtown and Chinatown. I will also spend Canada Day with them. They always told me where I should go and which places are worth visiting.

Even though we haven’t spent that much time together, it´s good to know that there´s someone at home who cares about you, and asks you how your day was and how it´s going at school. For me it is very important that I feel comfortable where I´m staying and here I really feel at home.


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