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Lesly's EC Vancouver Experience

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Lesly joined us from France and just graduated last Friday. Here is her impression of EC Vancouver:

Studying at EC Vancouver was a very good idea. I was a little bit nervous when I arrived in Canada. However, as soon as I reached my apartment I was told about social activities on the Sunday before the first school day. It’s really a good thing that the school offers to students. It makes you feel more confident. Then the first day was really nice. The staff was incredibly helpful and organized. I could join people I had met the day before and it made me feel comfortable. After the presentations, I got my schedule and I met classmates the following day. Did I say classmates? I should say Friends actually!!! The ambiance in class was very friendly which, was good for learning. The teachers were really nice, patient and helpful. All of us shared our cultures and our personal stories in a lovely atmosphere.
Books and courses were well-organized and adapted to your level so I could improve my skills faster.
In short, studying at EC Vancouver was a really awesome experience!!!

Advice for future students:

If you want to enjoy your experience in Vancouver just be yourself !!!
If you are prepared enough, you won’t have any difficulties in improving your English. Be open-minded and try to enjoy the beautiful city of Vancouver by taking part in as many activities as you can. They are worthwhile!!


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