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Hello and welcome to Canada! Where you’ll see Canucks wearing toques and getting double-doubles for loonies. So you want to learn English, but how about learning “Canadian”, eh? Make sure you can distinguish yourself from other English speakers and show that you’ve been to Vancouver by speaking not only English but also Canadian. Even fluent English speakers and our neighbours from the south, when they first arrive in Canada, will hear words they’ve never heard before. Add these popular words to your vocabulary and speak like a true Canuck:

Eh – probably the most used Canadian word, “eh” is used by Canadians to end a sentence. It has the same meaning as “right?”, “don’t you agree?” and other ways of asking for agreement. It can also be used to ask the speaker to repeat what he/she said, similar to “excuse me?”.

Toque – a knit cap used in winter, a cool winter hat.

Loonie/Toonie – words for the one-dollar and two-dollar Canadian coins respectively.

Canuck – slang term for “Canadian”.

Double-double – said when ordering a coffee. The next time you want coffee with two packets of cream and two packets of sugar just order a double-double.

Serviette – a paper napkin, it is just the French word for napkin

Poutine – a delicious heart-attack bomb consisting of French fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.

Hydro – used to refer to electricity, like in hydro bills and hydro wires. They don’t really have anything to do with water besides the fact that many Canadian companies generate power from hydroelectricity.

Pop – Canadian word for carbonate drinks like Pepsi and Coke, also known as soda.

Zed – just how Canadians pronounce the letter “Z”.


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