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Anne-Laure's EC Experience

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Anne-Laure is a French Student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story:

Studying at EC
Studying at EC was a great experience. The school, class and courses were well organized. I enjoyed the small classes (maximum 15 students), because of which I was able to speak and participate easily. Depending on the class, we studied and reviewed everything: grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, etc. There was enough homework to keep a good rhythm in reviewing and studying, but not too much, because that would have been annoying. It was also a great experience to meet people from all around the world. That was very valuable!! Everybody was very open minded, and happy to be here to have fun and improve their English. The teachers were highly involved in what they were teaching and the staff were super helpful, available, welcoming and understanding. Studying at EC was very helpful, and I enjoyed the classes, which were never boring. The people I will remember the most are my classmates, the teachers and the staff.

Advice for French students
Be open, relax and take advantage of the opportunity you have to study English in Vancouver. Go out and visit as much as you can, see the world, meet and talk to those lovely people here, have fun, and also study English by being involved in the classes you take. Don’t be shy, afraid, worried, or anxious. There is nothing more fun than this experience. EC is not only going to class and studying. It’s much more: you can meet wonderful people and do lots of activities.

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